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Tomahawk Eco Sioux

29,95 €


Tomahawk's entry level ball.

Tomahawk Eco is focused on giving the player a great ball at the best price. It's also an eco-friendly ball that's perfect for fields and casual play.

Rental + Recreation + Training

This product is 100% PEG and is made under EU environment compliances.

Caliber: 68 cal
Box of 4 bags of 500 paintballs each

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General information about paintballs:

Paintballs are mostly made up with a gelatin formula. This allows the product to be very enviromental safe but also implies the need for some care with handling and temperature.

Paintballs should be stored dry at + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C and protected from direct sunlight.

The gelatin shell absorbs moisture, causing paintballs to swell and become softer and bigger: therefore always seal your bags tight.
During a game day on the field this rule also applies. Don't leave paintballs stored in pods on the battle pack after a game.

Gelatine becomes brittle in the cold (below + 10 ° C) and thus more brittle.

Gelatine softens when exposed to heat (above + 30 ° C) making it less brittle.

So "too brittle" paintballs should be warmed up carefully and "too hard" paintballs should be exposed to a little cool to influence their properties as desired.

Example of use:
It is a cold spring morning, outside temperature below + 5 ° C, the paintballs burst in the barrel.
Warm the bags, by leaving them inside of a car with heating turn on and shoot them before they cool down. This significantly reduces the problems.
Alternatively, buy a paintball with a winter formula or a winter paint. (ex Tomahawk Winter)