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Check It Ego Titanium/Delrin Balance Rammer Kit


We all know the EGO can use a some kick reduction, especially when you are using the full potential of the gun. When shooting semi or ramping, ropes of paint is just not enough. Ball on ball accuracy is critical.

Virtue Laser Breakbeam Eye System for Empire Mini


Virtue laser eyes are a complete replacement for the stock DM eyes. Virtue lasers eyes use enhanced dual spectrum technology to scan both the infrared and visible light spectrums, taking ball detection technology to the next level

Custom Products DM Clamping Feed


Redz knows that it’s no fun to lose your hopper in the middle of a game. With a Cam-Lock installed on your marker, this calamity will never happen, no matter what hopper you use.

Tippmann TiPX Holster


The new TPX™ Leg Holster comes with a removable body, making it flexible for wear on the right or left side.

Shocker RSX Seal Kit


Whether you just want to have a spare for everything, or your replacing a damaged o-ring or two, this kit has a full rebuild for your Shocker RSX