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Dye Tactical Harness

€50.95 €59.95

The Dye Tactical Assault Paintball Vest Harness is a hardened blend of utility and sport. For the players who want a lightweight, configurable system that allows them to utilize tactical modular pouches, while still remaining as light and agile as possible

Dye Admin Pouch


Keep track of your ID and other essentials with Dye Tactical Paintball Pouch. Easily attaches to any Molle System Vest.

Dye Insulated Grenade Pouch


Dye Tactical Insulated Paintball Grenade Pouches will keep your Grenades safe and help keep the extreme temperatures out. Protect your ordnances with Dye Paintball Grenade Pouches.

Dye 12 gm CO2 Pouch


Dye Tactical CO2 12gram Cartridge Pouch will hold twelve 12grams securely and easily. Easily attaches to any molle system.

Dye Assault Molle Pod Holder 1+2


Dye Assault Molle Paintball Pod Holder pouches are essential when preparing for long battles. Depending on the type of game you'll be participating in, you may need more paint, sometimes less.