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Ammo-Up 18'' Paintballs and Reballs Collector...

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Paintball tournaments can continue between competition rounds faster when a Ammo Up machine is incorporated into the clean up procedure of the field. Reballs™ are easily picked up resulting in less money spent on labor costs for field owners. Paintball facilities have more time for customers to play because clean up is so much faster. Ammo-Up works on indoor and outdoor fieds.

Size: 18''
For .50 cal paintballs and reballs

Valken Adult Chest Vest Reversible Woodland...

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Price €24.95
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Take the sting out of incoming paintballs and have fearless fun with a Valken Paintball chest protector! Reversible, countoured and adjustable and offering plenty of chest and back protection from incoming paintballs, the Valken Reversible paintball chest protector fits most and is a great piece of paintball protection for young or newer players looking to learn the game without the worry of the sting of incoming paintballs!

Oil Drum 200 Lt for Scenario

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Price €39.95
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200 Litre Steel Oil Drums (Diameter 58cm Height 89cm) about 17 kg for each empty drum. Used once (non- food grade), condition tip-top, closed type. Recommend to rinse with water before use.  Good for upcycle ideas and for use on paintball field has a bunker or table base.

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