Loaders Acessories

Loaders Acessories

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VL Evolution Zboard


Viewloader Z-Board Upgrade Kit - this upgrade board will make your Egg into a feeding machine.

Empire Magna-Drive Upgrade Kit


The Magna Drive Upgrade kit is designed to upgrade your Halo B/Reloader B Loader to the new clutch Magna Drive Clutch system found in the Magna Drive Paintball Hopper.

Dye R1 Rotor Quick Feed


Made from a combination of soft, flexible material that allows paintballs to freely feed into the loader and a more rigid material that prevents paintballs from falling out, the Quick Feed system is the answer for those looking for the best way to re-load and stay in the game.

Dye Rotor Lid Kit


The Rotor Lid is designed to fit the standard Rotor carrier. The Rotor lid is not designed to fit any other loader or aftermarket carrier that is not manufactured by DYE.

Dye Rotor Loader Center


Replacement center piece for the Dye Rotor Loader. This updated part allows a greater anti-jam capability for the Dye Rotor Loader.

Virtue Crown Rotor Ultra Soft


The Virtue Crown "lid-less" feed system makes reloading easier than ever while. No more opening the lid. No more paintballs spilling out or feeders popping off.