Founded in 1993, Estratego was quickly positioned as a Paintball Field Operator, an Event Promoter and a Paintball Equipment distributor in Portugal and Spain. Estratego's mission was focused on promoting and developing Paintball as a safe and fun activity. The Company always chose to concentrate on three major topics related to Paintball: Safety, Teamwork and Entertainment, taking no short cuts in maximizing the benefits for the company’s customers, staff, the community and the environment in which the company operates.

In 1996 Estratego initiated the Megacampo Paintball Field project in Sobral da Abelheira, near Mafra. Nowadays this is the biggest Paintball Theme Park in Iberia and includes a wide and comfortable safety area with Cafeteria, Paintball Store, Souvenir Shop and a children's playground. "Wild West”, “Iraq", "Bridges over the Kwai River", "Fort Apache", “Stonehenge”, "Vietnam", "Bidonball", and three well-built Sup’airball® arenas are some of the 12 scenarios available. Along with the best rental games, since 1995, Megacampo also hosted some of the most famous championships in Europe, the Megacampeonato. One of the contributions to the sport made by Estratego was the introduction of the first Nations Cup of Paintball starting in the year 2000, where teams from all over the world, composed by the best players of each country, were “battling” each other to find the champion nation. Estratego is one of the 5 founding partner companies of the Millennium Series, the longest and most professional Paintball Circuit in the world.

In Lisbon, Estratego started to broaden its business area and launched Estratego Events to supply customers who demand a wider offer in products and services, besides Paintball Rental Games. In a matter of months, Estratego Inflatables was established to meet the needs of both kids and adults, in the giant inflatable toys rental market. Estratego Inflatable was followed by Estratego Adventure. With a wide assortments of equipment such as Gladiators, Titanic, Riding Bulls, Climbing Mountains, Estratego® is now a reference in the promotion of recreational Events in these areas.

In 2002 the Lisbon headquarters grew up two fold in size, allowing space for a dedicated office area and a two-story store filled with products exclusively dedicated to Paintball, occupying roughly 150 square meters. In 2007 the company moved into a 3.000 square meters warehouse in Talaíde, just 15 minutes from Lisbon City Centre. This new warehouse was equipped with office space and a paintball store.

Estratego Distribution is one of the most important Wholesale Paintball companies in Europe. The company owns, produces and distributes several brands all over Europe, from Scandinavia to the United Kingdom, from Central Europe to Russia. Brands like Tomahawk®, Psycho®, Buddha®, Totem Air®, The Tomb®, have a respected European reputation for quality products and services at the most competitive pricing.

In 2013 Estratego purchased its own paintball factory, in order to have tighter control on the quality of its many paintball brands. Estratego together with its sister company Roball Campina, are now better able to supply quality paint and provide quality service. Fresh paint is shipped every day to our clients all over Europe.

24 years after its birth, Estratego keeps the same young professional spirit of its foundation. Estratego manufactures its own paint and supplies products and know-how to more than one thousand Paintball Fields and Stores.

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