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Eclipse Pod Bag


Convenient and stylish Pod bag to keep your pods safe and sound! Complete with an easy to use drawstring this bag will hold your gear and keep a clean and tidy look for a long time!

Eclipse Map Pouch


This handy fold-away Map pouch can be used to store any kind of documents or ID cards which need to be accessed quickly or routinely. Fold it open to display the contents through its clear protective window.

Eclipse GX2 Gravel Bag


The Eclipse GX2 Gravel Backpack is amazingly diverse. It's a great size for everyday use but when the unique "Xpansion" zone is brought into play you can increase its capacity by up to 50%. Fully expanded the Eclipse GX2 Backpack will rival your current kitbag making it more than adequate for a days play

Exalt Pod Bin

€14.95 €18.95

If you play tournament paintball, then you have to have this. Pods have a weird way of growing legs and running away at events.

Tomahawk Field Marker Bag

€4.95 €6.95

Keep your highly valued marker protected from the elements and scratching from other equipment during storage.