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Tomahawk Simulation 100 rnd Box

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The perfect ball for simulation games.
This ball has a special "explosive" effect. The shell is based on wax instead of gelatin and inside instead of paint has powder that upon hitting the target spreads giving a spectacular effect to the game.

Bag with 100 balls, (1 sealed bag of 100 balls of Simulation)

Valken MI-7 V-Tac Thermal Goggle

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €38.95
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A goggle that has it all--professional features at an entry level price. From its inception, the MI-7 goggle was intended to take the abuse of any level of play; from the daily rental fleet grind to the occasional weekend battle in the woods. Designed by players, for players--all the features you're looking for at a price that won't break the bank.

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