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Tomahawk Paintballs are produced in the Roball factory in Campina, Romania and bears in mind the needs of a large European Paintball community.

Our product is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the encapsulation business together with 20 years of Paintball industry knowledge of our mother company Estratego International. The management of the company have been involved in competition and recreational Paintball extensively, having professionally run paintball fields since the early nineties. Tomahawk Paintballs are manufactured respecting all regulations for biodegradability.
The company has earned a reputation for dependability and reliability not matched by any other Paintball brand in the industry. The company's commitment to giving the best paintballs possible can only be achieved by the continuous search for the best manufacturing process and highest quality standards. From the raw materials to the finest machinery and Information technology no savings are being used in finding the optimal formulation to yield the best Paintballs in the market.

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Tomahawk Magfed Sargent 500 Paintballs

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €15.95
Availability: Out of stock

Built to withstand MagFed play, Tomahawk MagFed Sargent is the solid choice for most recreational MagFed encounters. Designed to resist the mag and rough play, and still break upon impact, even at very high rates of fire Tomahawk MagFed Sargent will deliver accurate long-range shots at a very high accuracy.

Tomahawk Magfed Captain 500 Paintballs

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €18.95
Availability: 29 In Stock

Designed to be the top MagFed paint in Europe, we created Tomahawk MagFed Captain to shine through the rough conditions of competitive MagFed play. Utilising our 14 years of experience in the encapsulation industry, our engineers designed a paintball that’s fitted to resist the response of the mag, whilst remaining brittle for impact. Equivalently to our highest quality paint, MagFed Captain maintains a perfect shape which allows for extreme long-range pin-point accuracy, even during extreme weather conditions

Tomahawk Finest Cheyenne

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €44.95
Availability: 110 In Stock

Robust Formula for the world's most dedicated players.
The top of the Tomahawk range for tournament performance, adequate for extremely high rates of fire.

Extremely brittle on impact while reliable inside your marker.
Airball + Woodsball

This product is PEG based and is made under EU environment compliances.

Caliber: 68 cal
Available in Boxes of 2000, 4 sealed bags of 500 paintballs

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