No Compressed Air or Co2 Required.

Recommended Age: 8+

130 FPS with .50 cal Paintballs.


- All parts sold separately.

- Easy maintenance and cleaning.

- Parts do not fly out when Blaster is disassembled.


- Handguard and Receiver reinforced with more ribs. Made of ABD + Fibre.

All internals made of more durable Nylon Fibre.

- Stronger Loader; made thicker with improved materials.

- Improved breach seal; more airtight.


- Very low profile even with loader on. More compact storage, easier to transport.


- Easy fill Loader. No elbow required. Strong picatinny style fitting

- Vertical loading. Easy loader assembly. Anti-ball jam design.

- Longer spring. Easy pump pull for all ages.

- New Hop-up provides improved range and trajectory.

- Barrel made from Nylon Fibre. Improved balance & weight distribution.

- Ergonomic design. High Performance. Robust and comfortable to use.


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