See what you need to see
On the left side of the magazine, you'll find the transparent maintenance panel which can be removed without tools. Due to the fill level markings embossed in the panel and the bright follower, you always know how many rounds you have left even when using very dark projectiles. This is gold in hectic game situations.

Wind up, reload and fire
To fill the CF20 needs to be wound up with the rotary knob located above the maintenance plate. You can either wind it up manually without tools or with the help of a 1/8" Allen key. Now you can remove the maintenance panel and dip the magazine into a box full of paintballs. Put back on the panel. Done. Now that's fast! For increased capacity can connect two CF20 magazines by using a Dye DTM coupler.

Easy maintenance
To remove the maintenance panel you only need to turn the large safety knob by 45°. Now you can remove the panel incl. knob and have full access to the guts of the magazine. There is no easier and faster way to clean your magazine.

Reliable and durable
The magazine body is made of the same nearly indestructible material (GRN) as the EMEK 100. A slightly transparent (Smoked), high-quality, and durable composite material is used for the maintenance panel. No matter if there is heat, cold, sun, rain, or snow. The CF20 was built to last and was been pushed to its limits in months of testing.

- 21 Roundballs / 20 First Strike Paintballs
- Quick access thanks to maintenance panel that can be removed without tools
- Nearly indestructible GRN/composite construction
- Equipped with Planet Eclipse Follower Kit
- Can be combined with Dye DTM magazine couplers
- Compatible with EMEK EMF100 and Dye DAM


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