The wait was long and we are close to publication, so here is a little insight into the Luxe IDOL


Some of you asked what has been done to the new Luxe IDOL. Here's a quick rundown:

  • New HD full colour 1.3" TFT LCD screen - bright enough for daylight reading and can be easily replaced without needing to replace the whole board, if damaged. Saves time & $$!
  • 'Sit flat' ASA that opens fully flat, vents, uses only 1 o-ring, and can be rebuilt with just a pair of needle nose pliers. Made from solid stainless steel with a nitrided coating that's super tough so it won't bend from use or slide in the dirt.
  • Metal backstrap locks in your grip without the need for tools or screws, and protects access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock.
  • Barrel's no longer shrouded - no space for dirt
  • Eye covers have a new latch without punched in magnets
  • Front grip cover is remodeled to be slimmer and more secure
  • Feedtube lever is now rebuildable with simple tools
  • Top jewel is now a permanent place and will never fall off
  • All-metal contact surfaces, reworked for performance, weight, and reliablity

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