Size of individual bunkers:

Cow H:1,25m x DIAM:0,75m

Owl H:1,25m x DIAM:0,75m

Elefant H:1m x L:0,75m

Penguin H:1m x L:0,75m

Panda H:1m x L:1,25m

Each bunker comes with a water bladders. The water bladder in the inflatable bunker is a special insulated compartment located in the lower part of the bunker. This compartment is intended for filling bunkers with water and installing them on the field without additional fixings (sandbags, pegs, etc.). Bunkers with a water-filled compartment do not require any additional anchoring on the field and have a «roly-poly» effect when they fall. This means that because of the weight of the water, when a player collides with a bunker on the course, the bunker will always remain in place (the weight of the water-filled compartment ranges from 110,2 to 220,5 ft). And if the bunker falls on its side, due to the pressure of water in the insulated compartment inside, the bunker returns to its original position.


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