Trust the Original, the FREAK® barrel system has won more tournaments in past decades and is used by more players than any other barrel or barrel system on the market. The simplicity combined with its flexibility is what made the FREAK® barrel system the leading barrel system on the market, - 1 barrel back, that fits your marker, - 1 barrel front, which determines your barrel length and thus precision, and - 1 barrel insert, whose inner diameter can be adjusted to fit your paintball, combined complete a FREAK® barrel.
For each of these three components of the FREAK® barrel system there is a wide variety of options to choose from, threads for most markers on the market, the classic barrel front, All American barrel front or All Condition Performance barrel front and 9 different inner diameters for the inserts. In 2023 the FREAK® XL barrel system received a facelift and presents itself in a revised design.
The FREAK® XL inserts with 8 inch (20 cm) length are now standard. During redesign of the FREAK® barrel system player input was analyzed and the handling was significantly improved with the new design. Special attention was given to the performance of all components to give players the best possible shot with the all new FREAK® XL barrel system. Tippmann Back will be delivered as Autococker Back with matching tread adapter. not compatible with 5 inch FREAK parts (Original FREAK®)


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