Besides the fact the PWR Tactical inserts are rifled, they are also different from conventional XL inserts by other manufacturers. In simple barrel systems with sleeves, the extended part of the thread is the first to contact the firing chamber (marker breech). Second comes the insert, which has the consequence that the paintball "falls" into it during the shot which can lead to breaks.

The S63 Tactical is different. Here the PWR Insert sits flush to the the marker breech and there is no step anymore. This means that there is no possibility of the paintball being ripped at this critical point.

With the Quake Muzzle installed as standard, the S63 Tactical is only 11.25" long, making it perfect for CQB (Close Quarter Battles).


- Four-piece and modular aluminum barrel system.

- S63 Tactical Muzzle Adapter for 7/8-20 Muzzles incl. Quake Muzzle

- S63 Tactical barrel back incl. rifled .686 PWR case by Lapco

- Only 11.25" long, perfect for CQB setups

- With Autococker quick thread

- Compatible with all PWR inserts

Technical Data:

Technology: Four-piece barrel system with rifled 8,5" PWR inserts by Lapco

Length barrel: 11,25"

Length insert: 8,5"

Weight: 95,5gr (incl. back, tip, Quake muzzle and insert)

Threads: Autococker-quick


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