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Eclipse S63 Tactical Barrel inc Rifled Lapco...

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The S63 Tactical is the successor to the Quake barrel system. With the high-precision and rifled PWR inserts, it is probably the most advanced, accurate as well as efficient four-piece barrel system on the market. Four-piece? Yes, read that correctly. The S63 Tactical consists of a rifled PWR case, the barrel back and the two-piece muzzle adapter including the Quake Muzzle. The adapter offers a 7/8-20 thread which makes it compatible with all popular muzzles from MCS, Lapco and more.

Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel Starter Kit

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
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The S63 Pro is the most advanced Planet Eclipse barrel system yet! Introducing the Eclipse PWR Inserts and 3-piece construction, the S63 Pro offers exceptional shot consistency and accuracy and combines it with aggressive styling, reduced sound signature, and class-leading flexibility and options.

S63 Pro. Exceptional shot consistency. More control. More precision. More options.

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