SynSpeed comes in a No-Mess XL Syringe, which allows for an easy light application of grease, preventing over application. Too much grease can be just as bad as too little grease! The enclosed “fingerless” Syringe design prevents dirt, moisture, finger oils, and other contaminates from interacting with the grease, breaking it down and reducing its life and effectiveness. SynSpeed V6, is an ultra slick, premium synthetic blend, with special additives designed to provide:

Reduce maintenance
Maximum staying power
Protects internal parts
Prolongs O-ring life
Maximum consistency
Decreases wear
Longer lasting
Extreme pressure
Anti-gumming additives
High & Low Temp
Ideal for poppet valve style guns
Ideal for gun and tank regulators
On spool valve guns, combine with V6 grease on the bolt for best performance.



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