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eXTCy Ball Dettent


Stock replacement ball detents for the Smart Parts Ion. Keep extras on hand so you marker isn't down for something simple. Will also work on the Smart Parts SP8

eXTCy Reg Tournament Cap


This device allows a player to quickly lock in a pressure/velocity setting to keep the marker legal in any tournament, regardless of the rules. (Also great for field owners.) Compatible with ION, SP-8, Epiphany, and all markers using the 5/8" adjuster cap regulator.

eXTCy Fire Bolt


At about half the weight of the stock bolt, the Firebolt helps make your Ion or SP-8 faster, lighter and quieter while dropping the operating pressure about 15 psi.

SP8 Barrel Extender Kit


This barrel/extended fore-grip accessory combines a 19” ported sniper barrel with a baffled fore grip attachment that will significantly quiet your shots (your opponent will have no idea where your shots came from).

Shocker SFT Vision Upgrade Kit


Turn your basic Shocker into a best there is with this kit. Includes Vision eye, Vision circuit board, and mounting hardware. Fits any Shocker SFT