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Shocker HK Army AMP

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €919.95
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From the birth of electronic paintball through the resurgence of mechanical, the Shocker® has evolved at the cutting edge of the game. The Shocker® AMP keeps this tradition moving forward with new refinements, maintaining its position as the ultra-efficient, ultra-slim and ultra-light avant-garde paintball marker

Luxe TM40

4 stars -based on 250 reviews
Price €1,649.95
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The Luxe® TM40 is packed with the latest and greatest technology and is dedicated to professional paintball player Tim Montressor.

Besides all of the aesthetic updates, the new Luxe® has updated TM40 upgrade Core. The bolt chamber has an increased internal volume which gives the Luxe® TM40 a lower operating pressure and more shots than any previous edition Luxe®. The open face bolt design gives the TM40 a super soft shot while the ICE PLATING gives the bolt low resistance friction.

In addition, the back end of the bolt has a higher flow orifice which also reduces the operating PSI of the gun while improving the reaction speed. The spool of the bolt on the TM40 has also been redesigned to offer greater flow and response. The TM40 will be available in both an electric and mechanical version and has an integrated QEV installed to maximize mechanical performance.

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