Feed Systems

Feed Systems

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Loader 200 Black


Ideal for paintball fields, beginner players on a budget, pump players or when you feel up to a slower rate of fire challenge.

Energy Paintball 9V Alkaline Battery


The best batteries for the best players!!!  Used by some of the top players and teams in the industry including:  Team Dynasty, Dave Bains, Jon Richardson, Markus Nielsen, Rocky Cagnoni, and Chris Lasoya.

Dye Tactical Harness

€50.95 €59.95

The Dye Tactical Assault Paintball Vest Harness is a hardened blend of utility and sport. For the players who want a lightweight, configurable system that allows them to utilize tactical modular pouches, while still remaining as light and agile as possible

Valken V-Max Loader Print


The design of the V-Max has been refined to function simply and reliably, without the need for the complex components found on many modern loaders. Fewer parts. Fewer problems.