Tippmann A5 Acessories

Tippmann A5 Acessories

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Techt Paintball A5 & X7 Fang Trigger

€21.95 €37.95

The TechT Aluminum X7/A5 Fan Trigger is a light weight double trigger. This trigger is a smooth action pull with it's dual roller bearings and durable aluminum strength. This is a replacement from stock but comes with all necessary parts for an easy installation from the stock trigger.

Techt Paintball Hairpin Kit

€8.95 €20.95

The Hair Pin Trigger Kit is designed to make any electronic, manual, or Responsed Tippmann A5, X7's, or 98 trigger faster and more sensitive than ever before.

Techt Paintball Q.E.P.H.

€25.95 €37.95

Here is a first look at our new "patent pending" Quick Exhaust Piston Housing for the Cyclone Loader. The QEPH is designed to rapidly vent the blast of air that is used to advance the loader.