Eclipse Acessories & Upgrades

Eclipse Acessories & Upgrades

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Eclipse Clamping Feed Sprocket Screw


The Sprocket replaces your standard feed clamp screw and allows you to manually adjust your feed strength with the power of your fingers. You can still use an allen key if needed.

Custom Products Ego Trigger


Ready to drop into the marker

Works with its own new bracket that uses a spring rather than a magnet, for smoother and faster operation

All side to side play is taken out of the trigger

Fits the 07 or SL74 Ego markers

Check It Ego Titanium/Delrin Balance Rammer Kit


We all know the EGO can use a some kick reduction, especially when you are using the full potential of the gun. When shooting semi or ramping, ropes of paint is just not enough. Ball on ball accuracy is critical.

Eclipse Oring and Detent Kit


Perfect way to have spare orings for all your eclipse markers.
Including every oring you need to service all Planet Eclipse markers, and universal Eclipse ball detents (fits Ego6 and onwards, all eteks, and all geos).