Dye Matrix Acessories & Upgrades

Dye Matrix Acessories & Upgrades

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Custom Products DM Clamping Feed


Redz knows that it’s no fun to lose your hopper in the middle of a game. With a Cam-Lock installed on your marker, this calamity will never happen, no matter what hopper you use.

Custom Products DM5 Trigger


Unmatched speed and reliability with a new pivot point for smoother feel. Roller bearings provide that smooth consistency every player is looking for. Increase your firing rate and start making a difference for your team today.

Dye DM9/13 Eye Pipe Detent System


The new 2009 self-contained detent system gives you long lasting reliability, and piece of mind from double feeding. The new flex spring geometry holds paintballs securely in the breech without any unnecessary force that could threaten to affect your accuracy or break paint. Compatible with DM8 and DM9 markers.

DAM Izon Red Dot Sight


Rapid Target Acquisition Gun Sight uses the brains ability to overlay data from both eyes into one image.

DAM Mag Coupler


The Modular Magazine Coupler is the smallest, lightest, toughest, most customizable coupler ever produced for the paintball market.