Sup'airball Fields & Obstacles

Sup'airball Fields & Obstacles

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Sup’Airball Transport Bag


Big and super strong, the SUP'AIRBALL™ Transport Bag can hold up to 6 bunkers.
The new handles make it easier to move when full of your SUP'AIRBALL™ bunkers.
Use it to carry or store your SUP'AIRBALL™ field... or anything else.

Sup’Airball Bungees Pack (20 Bungies)


The must-to-have accessories. The bungees are the fuse of the SUP'AIRBALL™ bunkers.
If you have too much tension on the tie-downs, the bungees will brake before the bunker. 20 bungees to replace the broken ones.

Stihl Gas Blower BG56


Very high-quality finished gasoline blower with optional suction device, which lets the field disassembly become a children´s game.